ANIMO is a cycle of creations mixing dance, digital art and technological research. It focuses on the mechanisms of species evolution and the living process. The new media artist is inspired by the neo Darwinian theory and develops the idea that nature tends to, but fails to replicate the same. It makes «mistakes» and generates differences which are essential to the resistance of species.

In order to achieve this artistic cycle, Gwendaline Bachini teamed up with French researchers on perception such as the laboratory INRIA Grenoble and the companies 4D View Solutions and Sip Conseil. All of them specialize in computer vision, creation and edition of volumetric video capture. They set up a R&D computer project called CreaMove labelled Imaginove and funded by Industry (FUI 2012-2015). LACRI then continued the ANIM0 Cycle with the IMSIC Laboratory in Toulon from 2016 to 2019. The Cycle consists of four parts. The last part, A#4 BIFACE in Augmented Reality, was awarded by a LUMIERE AWARD at Stereopsia, World Immersion Forum.